7 Topics Late Night TV Hosts Won’t Touch (And We All Know Why)

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Late night comedians speak truth to power, keeping our leaders honest in troubled times.

Just kidding!

They’re propagandists first, joke tellers a distant second. Seeing them violently switch comedic gears during the Trump-Biden transition proved that to anyone willing to trust their eyes and ears.

Still, these brave “truth tellers” avoid select topics at all costs. Why? It could damage the Democrats. It’s why some ripe subjects remain untouched by Colbert, Kimmel, Bee and their like-minded peers. Others are approached oh, so gingerly before moving on to a stale Orange Man Bad throwback joke.

COVID-19’s Rolling Goal Posts

Any satirist could feast on this topic. Every few weeks the powers that be, from the CDC to various politicians and news outlets, move the goal posts on the enduring pandemic. From “15 days to slow the spread” to, “heck, you better stock up on masks even after we’ve all been vaccinated,” the advice regarding COVID-19 is constantly shifting.

Here’s a hint. It’s rarely about the science and mostly about expanding government control.

So where is Colbert to “destroy” these inconsistencies? Shouldn’t John Oliver drape his thick British accent atop the hypocrisy?

Of course not. Pandemic overreach is like dogma on the Left, and comedians are loath to even bring it up, let alone satirize it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Fauci himself often appears on late night shows to peddle his curious brand of information and medical spin. The hosts, in turn, treat him like a conquering hero.

What’s missing? Jokes attacking the doctor’s horrendous track record on multiple fronts. Here’s a quick reminder: He admitted to lying to Americans about mask use early in the pandemic. Later, he confessed he twisted the numbers about herd immunity because he didn’t trust the public to do the right thing.

He also kept mostly quiet about Black Lives Matter rallies as potential super spreader events. Perhaps worst of all? He praised both New York and its Governor, Andrew Cuomo, as the leaders we need in these troubled times.

They did it correctly,” he said last July. Really.

That’s just a partial list of why the American public should greet any Fauci-ism with a grain of table salt. The next time he graces a late night couch, though, he can expect nothing but softballs and huzzahs.

Antifa Violence

Late night comics are taking the Biden approach to this far-left hate group. It’s just an idea that causes “light property damage and graffiti,” according to Seth Meyers of “Late Night” fame. Oliver similarly downplayed the endless violence caused by the radical group.

Otherwise, Antifa rarely gets mentioned on the late night landscape.

Colbert found a semblance of sanity in 2018, mocking Antifa for targeting Tucker Carlson’s home. Since then, he’s been more muted on the subject. Last June, he poked fun at a news story where President Trump claimed an elderly man was an Antifa radical.

The Left’s embrace/acceptance/denial of Antifa violence is one of many stains on their collective character, which is why these comics won’t go near the subject.

The Florida Success Story

Late night TV loved Gov. Andrew Cuomo … until the truth finally seeped out. We now know the Luv Gov’ twisted COVID-19 data to protect his administration’s reputation. And then there’s the fact that he sent infected people into nursing homes, spiking the death rate in his state.

Comics ignored Cuomo’s true nature for months, and yet they’re leery of defending a governor who was routinely attacked in the press despite handling COVID-19 better than most leaders – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

If DeSantis were a Democrat he’d be too busy appearing on various late night shows to actually govern.

As is, DeSantis’ record of limited lockdowns and maximum freedom made him a very likely presidential candidate in 2024… and for good reason.

Faux Super Spreaders

The Expert ClassTM keeps warning us of “super spreaders” that will cause pandemic rates to skyrocket.

And, in most cases, they’re flat out wrong.

Meanwhile, a liberal throng celebrating Joe Biden’s presidential victory or any number of Black Lives Matter protests aren’t considered remotely dangerous for virus contamination.

Yet the crisis, yes “crisis,” at the U.S. border represents true super spreader potential but said Expert Class and the comedians who rule late night won’t dare mention it.

Shuttered Schools

Select schools in the U.S. opened late last year, while others have accepted students in classrooms more recently. We’re still not seeing a massive COVID-19 outbreak from these open schools.

Just the opposite, actually. The science appears darn near settled. 

Yet the Teachers Unions aren’t convinced live schooling is safe. The Biden administration isn’t leading the way to get schools open at long last despite promises to the contrary. 

A truth to power comic might skewer Biden and the unions for playing politics with our children. Somehow they missed that vital memo.

Kids in Cages

Colbert interviewed Satan himself in 2018 to underline the tragedy of President Trump’s “kids in cages” crisis. And he wasn’t alone in condemning the conditions along the border in the harshest terms possible.


The press finally acknowledged the border crisis and the heartbreaking conditions facing too many immigrant children. Just don’t expect Team Late Night to show they same fury they shared when President Trump was in the White House.

Heck, Kimmel recently complained that President Biden was just too darn competent. Really.

A Caveat: The host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” frequently tackles subjects that his peers avoid at all costs. Maher remains aggressively liberal and occasionally cruel, but he’s willing to pursue select truths in ways other liberal hosts wouldn’t dare.

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