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Tonight, Joe Biden stayed up way past his bedtime and he participated in a CNN town hall.


I’d call it an “event,” but it wasn’t even close to an “event.” Maybe we can call it “amateur hour” at the nursing home?

That sounds better.

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It turns out that not many people wanted to come out to the CNN “nursing home” and see the most popular president in the history of the universe.

Shocking, right?

Again, we have an opportunity to FINALLY see all of these “historic” Biden supporters that we keep hearing about, and once again, we must’ve just missed them all…maybe they all overslept?

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At any rate, there’s no denying it, nobody showed up to see Dementia Joe, and we now know that because of this behind-the-scenes photo that Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein shared on Twitter.



Here’s what people online are saying:

Well, dead people can vote, but its difficult to get them to attend a town hall.”

“This guy won 80 million votes? lol” 

“Have you noticed that we’ve never once seen in person this supposed historic support that Biden has?”

“82 million votes ladies and gentleman LOL” 

“Couldn’t give tickets away to that hot mess” 

“the left is all “there’s a pandemic, that’s why nobody is there” lol what a lame excuse” 

“Empty like his head”

‘Most popular President ever”

“But I thought he got 80 million votes?”

“Because communism is so popular”


Well, maybe Joe should be happy that nobody showed up – the town hall was a complete disaster and really showed off his mental decline.

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