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Abortion: The Truth About the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Texas Heartbeat Act

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Commentary This column examines the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson (pdf) and why the left is so upset about it. In Whole Woman’s Health, the court opted not to suspend the Texas Heartbeat Act immediately, but to wait for a hearing on the merits. In addition to agitating the liberal media, the decision has annoyed “progressive” academics. If they teach in law schools, they often belong to an outfit called the American Constitution Society (ACS), a group that is positively beside itself over the court’s order in Whole Woman’s Health. The ACS’s reaction illustrates the absurdity of the left’s response. To be sure, ACS has a record of uttering exceptionally stupid things. Last year, the head of the organization claimed repeatedly that President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was “illegitimate” and would “steal” a Supreme Court seat because Trump nominated Barrett in an …

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