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American Flags Honoring 13 Service Members Killed in Terrorist Attack Stolen in Riverside

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A number of flags placed above a freeway overpass in Riverside honoring the 13 U.S. marines killed in the recent Afghanistan attack have been purposely damaged and stolen for unknown reasons. It began with a set of 13 American flags and one marine corps flag that was set up during Labor Day weekend over the Ivy overpass on the 91 Freeway. Shortly after they were installed, all of the flags were completely shredded, Riverside Police Department spokesperson Ryan Railsback told The Epoch Times. On Sept. 7, a family went to the Ivy overpass to replace the damaged flags with a fresh set of 13 American flags and one marine flag when another family showed up at the same time with another 13 American flags, which were installed on the other side of the overpass, Railsback said. Unfortunately within 24 hours, all 27 flags were stolen, the reason unclear. At the …

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