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Why NYC Is Vulnerable to Another Terrorist Attack—Feat. Curtis Sliwa

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“I ran down to the pit, which had become the world’s largest crematorium … Pictures do not do justice to the devastation, the carnage, the smell, the smoke, the fires, just humans running in and out like ants in an ant colony, desperately trying to find any remnants of life.” —Curtis Sliwa Curtis Sliwa founded the volunteer NYC crime prevention organization Guardian Angels over 20 years ago. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Big Apple is likely second to none. The graphic realities of the terror attack on the World Trade Center remain startlingly clear in his mind. “The smell was overwhelming—I think the smell of death probably more so than the toxicity of all the chemicals.” Twenty years on, Sliwa breaks down the dangers of forgetting the devastation of 9/11. In his pull-no-punches style, he signals what could happen if we don’t put to practice the hard-won …

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