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Taiwan Raps Fitch for Calling It Part of China in Ratings Upgrade

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Taipei—Taiwan’s government scolded Fitch Ratings on Friday for calling the island part of China for the first time, in an announcement on upgrading Taiwan’s economic outlook, and said it was talking to the company about the issue. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which claims democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory, has pressured foreign companies to refer to the island as Chinese territory, often using the terminology “Taiwan, China”, which they generally do to avoid losing access to the enormous Chinese market. Fitch’s press release used the expression “Taiwan, China” three times, including in the headline, though the statement did make other references to Taiwan without the addition of the word China. Taiwan’s Finance Ministry expressed “deep regret” at the name change and asked Fitch to revert to its previous convention of just using the word “Taiwan”. “The ministry will continue to talk to the company to get them to …

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