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Whatever the Result, Billionaire Clive Palmer’s Border Lawsuit Will Have a Formidable Effect

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Commentary Mining magnate Clive Palmer will take the Western Australian government to court over their plan to limit entry to their state to only those vaccinated against the CCP virus. In addition, he has offered to fund a class action over vaccination passports. It has been pointed out in the media that he, or the entity through which he operates, may well require an ASIC licence to undertake litigation funding. But that would hardly operate as a barrier to his plans, and there would be no difficulty with Palmer’s compliance under the law. It would be unwise to dismiss his declarations as mere bravado, or to assume that he will not succeed in some or even all of his lawsuits. Palmer remains one of the most interesting and powerful persons to have appeared on the Australian national scene in many years. In fact, most of us will only see one Clive Palmer in our …

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