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Learn About People Who Changed the World at Halls of Fame

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A mother watching her young daughter play with paper dolls surmises that the little girl would have more fun dressing three-dimensional figures. A young locomotive engineer drives a trainload of burning dynamite away from a town, saving the lives of hundreds of people. A Black scientist and inventor born in the 19th century discovers some 300 uses for peanuts. None of these people would qualify for membership in the baseball, football, or other well-known halls of fame located around the United States. Those honor outstanding accomplishments in athletics and other activities. But other kinds of heroes also are recognized for achievements in a variety of pursuits that have impacted people around the country and, in some cases, the world. Halls of fame devoted to often-overlooked, sometimes surprising activities and the men and women who have made achievements in those fields can provide an inviting alternative to better-known attractions around the …

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