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Gold Coast gossip: Overlooked behaviour of AFL stars

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They all come from somewhere and were helped and encouraged, especially by family, on their way to the top. That certainly applies to Touk Miller (pictured with Maddie Leek), who was announced as Club Champion and Players Players Award winner at the Gold Coast Suns awards event at The Star on Saturday night. During his thank you speech he took the time to mention almost everyone at the club who had contributed to the team while flashing his trademark megawatt smile. At the conclusion he started to talk about the three most important people in his life. His partner Maddie Leek and father Wylie received special praise for being there and helping through the good and bad times. Then when he mentioned his mother Ruth Kimpton, his voice broke slightly and his eyes watered as he recalled all that the three meant to him. They may be sporting gods on the field during their career but they will be a son and partner for life. Splendid young men all. If things had gone according to her plans, singer/songwriter Euca would have celebrated her People’s Choice Award at the Gold Coast Music Awards with her real name. “My first name is Eilish and just before I was set to launch myself on to the scene Billie Eilish became a global phenomenon,” she said. “I had chosen Eilish Ellen, my given names, as a stage name but then had to change everything. Euca came about because I was looking for something that represented Australia, saw a giant gum tree and started to play around with eucalyptus and here I am.” Winning the award has meant a lot to the talented local. “Like many in the industry we have suffered from a lack of gigs and venues so this has been very validating and encouraging. Everyone who is nominated for a GCMA gets put forward for the People’s Choice, a top three is selected and I ended up being chosen which was such a thrill and a huge honour.” Her plans for the future are to release a single and an EP and get on the bill for any big festivals. “I said in an interview last year when things were really tough, ‘Screw it! I am a musician.’ Those times made me realise that I want to continue creating and performing so I need to roll with the bad times and get on with doing what I love.” For local musician Jamie-Lee Wilson, aka JVMIE, being nominated for two prizes at the Gold Coast Music Awards has been the cherry on top of what has been a momentous month. “To get the nominations for Musician of the Year and Video of the Year was a huge honour for a born and bred Gold Coaster. I also wrote a song for Samsung to inspire Matilda’s vice-captain Steph Catley at the Tokyo Olympics,” she said.“That in itself was a dream come true but then to hear it has been recorded by Sheppard, one of my favourite Aussie acts, was mind blowing. “As every artist has stated, times have been tough but this business is a bit like spinning plates. We love to create but we have to remember that it is a business and you have to work to earn a living. “I try to switch days from writing and producing one day to taking care of the commercial side the next. This weekend is also a milestone because I have two singles coming out on Anjunabeats (Above and Beyond label). I am also lucky enough to be back doing live shows so it will be a week that I will long remember.” Remember When – Today we go back to 1992 and the closing night of ‘Live From the Roosevelt’ at Conrad Jupiters. The showroom at the Casino is still one of the great theatrical venues in Australia and during its heyday was the place to see such lavish productions as Mystique, Starz, Hollywood Legends and Inneuvre. This one was a Jim McDonald production and in total over the years the many shows employed close to 2,000 singers, dancers and musicians.Even more importantly around 5.5 million people bought tickets thus helping a generation of performers earn a living on stage. Sadly those days may never be repeated. When the Lido de Paris closed down 18 months ago at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in France, it forced Gold Coast dancer Savanna Haenel to come home and wait out the storm. Now she is back in Paris and with the rest of the cast, is busy rehearsing for the reopening of the famous French cabaret on 16th September. Savanna arrived in Paris on her 18th birthday in 2017 to start her career at The Lido.Now, four years later, this week she received a unique honour. She has been promoted to the principal role, called Sublime, which is the most prestigious role in French theatre. Now those in the dance class she taught at Ashmore PCYC during her time here will be able to boast that they learned from a Sublime – the best of the best. Gold Coast gossip: Practical joke causes fashion faux pasSeptember 5, 2021WHAT is in a name? Well, for this sweet young thing it all depends on the translation. Out at a function she was spotted wearing a handmade necklace with a word from a foreign language forged in gold resting on her chest. One of the guests smiled, came over and asked her about the word. “It’s love and peace written in Cambodian that I bought on my trip there about two years ago,” she said.The guest then explained that she was the victim of a practical joke because in reality it indicated that she was ready, willing and very, very available. The chain was quickly removed and the mortified sweet young thing now knows the meaning of lost in translation.Willesee, number 96 and grand buy upTHIS was taken at the Melbourne Cup in 1973. It is a photo of two of the biggest stars on television at the time – Abigail (Rogan) who had shot to fame in Number 96 and TV host and journalist Mike Willesee. Abigail was our version of Brigitte Bardot and scandalised the country when she appeared topless in Number 96. The reason we were all there, moi as the photographer, was Kelvin Sweeney, the new owner of the famous old Grand Hotel in Labrador, which he had purchased from Stan and Bette Elson. Anxious to spread the word about his new venture he hired Mike and Abigail to promote his acquisition in Melbourne. Abigail was dressed in that over-the-top “belle of the ball” gown which didn’t improve her temper as she was paraded around like Little Bo Peep. The other memorable moment is that when we were all driving to the airport, the traffic was horrendous so Mike jumped out at the lights, left the hire car on the road and we scampered to catch the plane. Flick of the baby switchTHE first time we met Felicity “Flick” Egginton was at a photo shoot when she was a Gold Coast Meter Maid. She is the quintessential Gold Coast gal – tall, blonde, beautiful and blessed with a sunny disposition and “have a go attitude”. From gold lame she graduated to hospitality where she helped to run O’Malley’s Irish Pub. Where Flick really shot to national prominence was her two stints on Australian Survivor.“I loved being on that show. Yes, I played the game but I tried to be strategic not vindictive. There were a lot of lessons learned about myself but it was really great fun. “That exposure led to my being asked to help various charities and a long association with Cupid’s Undie Run, helping to raise awareness about Neurofibromatosis (or NF).“I then worked in the travel industry but Covid intervened so I switched my focus to becoming a peer support worker, helping people with a range of issues. I am setting up my own business, The Positivity Movement, where I aim to spread positivity for those living with a disability or mental health issues.” Those plans have been put on hold due to the pending arrival of a baby. “My boyfriend JJ Henry and I were supposed to be married last year in his home state of Colorado but Covid stopped that. I have suffered with endometritis for years and had a procedure done last year and, long story short, I fell pregnant. “Everything was turned upside down so we decided to have an ‘elopement’ wedding and are preparing for the birth in January.” The cycle of life continues. Holy Doolie! What a line-upTHE Gold Coast Music Awards are on today at HOTA and one of the talented performers nominated is singer/songwriter Doolie. Her path to a musical career was in some ways determined by an unusual missing element in her early years. “I grew up without a TV in the house,” she laughed. “I was surrounded by music and I never saw any option but music.” She cites an eclectic mix as her major influences – Kim Petras, Kito, Aluna George and Kylie Minogue. Coping with the various lockdowns and cancellations over the past 18 months has been tough. “I really miss performing and touring but the main thing is figuring out where to put my energy. Luckily, I’ve been able to do a lot of writing with so many talented artists online and locally. “I’m working on my next single and I really want to do a national tour soon. A big shout out to the Gold Coast Music Awards too. It’s such an honour to be nominated for Breakout Artist and Release of the Year. I feel so fortunate to be part of our community of amazing artists.” Another super-talented local. Organisers looking for a show stealerTHE Gold Coast Show has finished to rave reviews and record numbers. For Josephine Tobias, president of the society, it was three days of long hours and constant problem-solving. “We had 120,000 visitors and I am so proud that collectively we produced a safe and enjoyable show for the community to enjoy,” she said. “Our big concern going forward is that because we don’t charge admission to enter we really need a major sponsor to help us secure the future of the show.” Any highlights? “On Sunday night our ambassador James Blundell, who was brilliant for us, sang a moving rendition of The Carnival is Over. It was just beautiful. “There was also a surprise hit of the show. We had reduced entries for the woodchopping due to the border closure so we turned the arena over to a pair of female whip crackers from Paradise Country. “They wore cowboy boots and hats, with shorts and performed one routine to the Shania Twain song, Man! I Feel Like A Woman. “It brought the house down and someone said to me, ‘Only on the Gold Coast’.” Ain’t that the truth!

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