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Fauci: “One of the Enemies of Public Health is Disinformation” (VIDEO)

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After lying to the public for more than a year about masks, therapeutics and vaccines, Dr. Fauci on Tuesday said “One of the enemies of public health is disinformation.”


Fauci flip-flopped and lied for over a year to the American public about the seriousness of the China Virus and his background funding the Chinese virology lab and the origins of the virus.

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Dr. Fauci also lied to the American public about the success of the safe drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating the virus.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans died when HCQ was available but banned by Fauci and the CDC from COVID patients.

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Now there is an all out war on Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has been used for decades to treat infections in humans, but the liars in the media have now labeled the drug a “horse dewormer.”

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