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Steak Diane Is the Classic Steak Dinner You’ll Fall in Love With

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There are endless versions and recipes for classic steak Diane, a dish of seared steak served with a rich, creamy, and flambéed pan sauce. Each calls for different cuts of steak, and some include button mushrooms. There are debates of scallions versus shallots, chives versus parsley, veal demi-glace versus beef stock, tomato paste or no tomato paste. This recipe is my personal interpretation of steak Diane. I believe that as long as it includes a cut of steak and that the sauce consists of Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, beef stock, a dash of heavy cream, and flambeed cognac, it falls under the steak Diane umbrella. What Is Steak Diane? Steak Diane is a dish that has been around for decades; some say a century. The origin of this dish has been claimed by many: Australia, Belgium, England, and the United States. However, according to an article from The New York …

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