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What to Do When the SSA Steers You Wrong

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These are the columns I hate to write. Columns that are critical of some of my former colleagues at the Social Security Administration. But doggone it. Almost every day, I hear from readers who have been misled by an SSA representative. I know we’re all human and we all can make mistakes. And giving out bum advice is one thing. But giving out misinformation that leads to someone losing out on benefits that they’re due is an entirely different matter. I’ve speculated before what might be going on. My best guess is that SSA just doesn’t train its employees the way it did when I worked for the agency many years ago. I explained how I went through an intensive three-month training class with real experienced senior SSA officials as mentors before I could even think about answering people’s Social Security questions. And after that initial class, we almost always …

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