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UN Employees Face Harassment and ‘Fear for Their Lives’ in Afghanistan

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United Nations (U.N.) employees in Afghanistan are being subjected to “harassment and intimidation” at the hands of the Taliban since the terrorist group’s swift takeover of the war-torn nation last month, according to U.N. staff members. “We are, however, increasingly worried by the growing number of incidents of harassment and intimidation against our national staff,” U.N. special envoy to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons said in a Sept. 9 news release. “We will continue to do everything possible to support our staff and keep them from harm’s way,” she added. “The U.N. cannot conduct its work—work that is so essential to the Afghan people—if its personnel are subjected to intimidation, fear for their lives, and cannot move freely.” An internal U.N. security document obtained by Reuters on Aug. 25 described dozens of incidents including veiled threats, the looting of U.N. offices and physical abuse of staff since Aug. 10, five days before the Taliban seized power. Senior U.S. diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis told the …

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