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‘$40,000 Mercedes Benz’: Dean Jones’ secret will

Seal Media Group, Australia

And he was the Father of the Year award winner who also had a secret long-term relationship that produced a son but still managed to keep his marriage together.As the anniversary of his shock death in India approaches on September 24, it can be revealed Jones’ estate provided for his son Koby Dean Hamilton, despite the boy – whom he had with Sydney flight attendant Kerri-Anne Hamilton – not being acknowledged in his will.The former cricketer’s will listed only a $40,000 Mercedes Benz to his name and a $2 share in a company. The rest of his assets, including the family home on the outskirts of Melbourne, were not listed. However, he also had a shareholding in the Dean Jones Family Trust, which was listed at an address at Essendon Fields, in Melbourne that likely held the money he amassed during his international cricket and television career.A separate agreement was made to look after Jones’ son in a pragmatic settlement that signified how the cricketer, Ms Hamilton and his wife of 34 years Jane dealt with the love triangle.A copy of Jones’ will, signed in 2012, reveals that his savings were to be given to his wife with his daughters, Phoebe and Isabella, were next in line. “If my wife Jane Elizabeth Jones survives me by 30 days, the balance of my estate shall be held on trust in accordance with Part C of this will, with Jane as the primary beneficiary,” a copy of the will states. Jones’ death in India while he was in Mumbai commentating the Indian Premier League shocked the cricketing world last year. Retired fast bowler Brett Lee attempted CPR believing Jones, 59, was suffering a heart attack. A coroner’s report later found Jones had suffered a stroke. Those who knew him, said Jones was hard to unpick.Some said he was unfairly tarnished for having strong opinions, and sharing them – saying that he simply knew his subject. In cricket circles, people were aware of his relationship with Ms Hamilton after he went on the front foot ahead of an interview Ms Hamilton did with A Current Affair following the birth of their son. Jones insisted he had always provided for his son, and that has continued after his death. But it didn’t come up in conversations in cricket circles, with many of his former teammates close with his wife Jane. What Jones did talk about was cricket and his love of India.“It’s my 47th trip”, he told an acquaintance.And Jones was loved there too – he often told the story of how the seas of people parted like he was Moses when he went to hospital after his legendary 210 in Madras Tied Test in 1986. He batted for hours through vomiting, involuntary urination and severe dehydration. When he was taken to the hospital after the match, he told friends he was put at the front of the queue when the cricket loving locals realised who he was.Jones’ busy travel schedule, and Ms Hamilton’s job as a flight attendant, allowed them to have a relationship when he was away from home. But those contacted for this article say they did not know about the relationship, which had been on-and-off for 10 years prior to it becoming public. Ms Hamilton, who had known Jones for 22 years, declined to comment when approached for this story. However, she posted a series of images of Jones and their son on Instagram on Father’s Day. “Kids need a Father they can brag about,” she wrote on her public page. Ms Hamilton also posted a selfie video of Jones, recorded during a break from his commentating duties. “This is our studio, one of our small studios and I’m having a three-over break,” he said in the video.“Got the new haircut, what do you think? All right, love you, bye.”There were also several photographs of Jones and Koby as a young boy.Some of those appear to be taken by a hotel pool, others at the SCG. Jones’ welcomed his son into the cricket world and kept in touch despite the awkward situation as he still shared a home with Jane. When the news was about to break in 2010, Jones acknowledged his son in 2010 when A Current Affair interviewed Ms Hamilton.‘’Following an on-and-off relationship with a woman, a child was conceived and subsequently delivered,” he said at the time.‘’I can also confirm that I have supported the mother and child more generously than was agreed. At no stage, have I not met my obligations.’’Following his death, Ms Hamilton posted a series of photographs of Jones with their son.In one image, they were wearing matching Carlton Football Club caps, and in another they wore matching LA Dodgers baseball caps. Jones played 52 test matches and 164 one-day internationals, becoming a cult hero in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, he was in and out of the side despite hitting 3631 runs at an average of 46.55 in Test cricket. Sometimes, he complained that his average was better when he was dropped when some players were kept in the team. He starred in one-day matches and scored 6068 runs at an average of 44.61. Jones’ funeral was held on the MCG in October last year, however, only 10 people were allowed to attend because Melbourne was in lockdown. His family walked behind his coffin, which was given a lap of honour of the ground where he created so many of his highlights. His wife Jane, who stood by him despite the affair, said at the funeral: “We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of love for Dean over the last week and can’t thank everyone enough for their support and for sharing their memories with us.“It has been an awful time to navigate as a family, but I could not have thought of a more fitting place to say goodbye to my husband than under the lights of his beloved MCG.”

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