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Chewy, Fudgy Brookies Are for Dessert Lovers Who Want It All

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My husband and I live in opposite-ville when it comes to dessert. Give me a rich, gooey chocolate brownie with a shiny, crackly top any day. My husband loves crispy-chewy chocolate chip cookies with a passion that verges on a new religion, but he’s positively “meh” about brownies. The solution? I glued my favorite brownie recipe to his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, made a few tweaks, and now we live in dessert harmony with brookies—half brownie, half chocolate chip cookies! Step 1: Mix up the Brownie Batter You’ll want to make this sticky batter first and chill it while making the cookie dough, which will make it easier to handle. I like to use Dutch-processed cocoa powder (such as Hershey’s Special Dark) and a touch of instant coffee (Starbucks instant VIA Columbia Roast works well) to give the brookies a really deep, dark chocolate flavor. Adding walnuts is optional, …

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