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The Amish Way of Life: Episode 4

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From the outside the Amish all look the same, and yet each Amish person has their own story. Discover their stories. Episode 4, Birth of the Amish Church, talks about the Amish heritage and Reformation era. Where did the Amish come from and how does their story fit into the Reformation Era? Breaking the Silence is a documentary series that presents a respectfully honest view of the origins and legacy of the Amish and how they became who they are today. Featuring the story of Lester and Rebecca Graber’s salvation, excommunication, and exit from the Amish church, this film traces the Graber family and the Amish church back to the Reformation Era. But it doesn’t stop there. This film includes interviews with people who have left the Amish as well as church leaders and historians from Switzerland. One of the primary messages that the film presents is the power of …

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