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‘Would Allow China to Have Direct Oil Access’: Antonio Graceffo on Beijing’s Interest in Afghanistan

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In this episode, we sat down with China economic analyst Dr. Antonio Graceffo. He touched on Beijing’s interest in Afghanistan, what some of those risks are, and how Beijing’s plan of global dominance through the Belt and Road initiative is playing out. Graceffo said, “Main involvement of China with Afghanistan is to protect its investments that it has in Pakistan, because Pakistan or CPEC, which is the Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor, is the jewel of the Belt and Road. It’s kind of the most important point of the Belt and Road because it would allow China to have direct access to the oil from the Middle East, bypassing the sea, bypassing the United States Navy. They [would] be able to go overland through Pakistan. And the projects in Pakistan have been subjected to terrorist attacks repeatedly. Often these terrorist attacks are by the Pakistan Taliban or the Afghanistan Taliban, which …

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