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International Scientific Journals Retract Chinese Research Articles on Uyghur DNA for Ethical Violation

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Two major scientific journals have recently retracted articles on Uyghur DNA by Chinese researchers due to ethical concerns. The International Journal of Legal Medicine and Human Genetics retracted the two articles that were published in 2019 on Sept. 7 and Aug. 30 respectively. The scientific journals are owned by academic publisher Springer Nature. Both articles study more than 100 DNA samples from Uyghur minorities in China’s Xinjiang region in order to recreate their faces and heights. They have been questioned on whether they obtained the subjects’ full consent for the collecting of samples for the study. The Chinese communist regime has been systematically putting Uyghurs in internment camps and under heavy surveillance. The regime’s oppression of the Uyghurs has been identified as genocide by the international community. The two articles have multiple co-authors, including Li Caixia, the chief forensic scientist at China’s Ministry of Public Security. The journals stated that they …

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