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You Want to Be an Entrepreneur, but Do You Have What It Takes? 5 Basic Skills You Must Have

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By Gabriela Rodríguez If before, entrepreneurship required emotional strength and the firm decision to do so, during the pandemic, for many it became a priority, awakening the entrepreneurial spirit that some carry inside and pushing that dream of having a profitable business of their own. To this, we must add the digital reality in which we live, where the strengths that entrepreneurs require are not limited only to having an attractive product or service, or to knowing perfectly the market and what you sell. It has to do more with the skills to carry out digital businesses, lead teams, projects, processes, among others. Faced with this new panorama, which is increasingly digital, entrepreneurs have sought to adapt and innovate to keep their businesses afloat, and although this crisis brings unprecedented challenges, it also provides an opportunity to meet new needs. In this case, it is important that you reflect on what skills you …

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