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AOC is ‘oblivious’ to the fact she is ‘enabling another patriarchy to thrive’

Seal Media Group, Australia

Sky News guest host Daisy Cousens says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “oblivious” to the fact she is “enabling another patriarchy to thrive” by talking about “menstruating people” during her opposition to the Texas abortion law.

“It’s evident AOC fancies herself an advocate for gender equality. But what she doesn’t realise is that in stridently rejecting patriarchy via this activist lens, she’s enabling another patriarchy to thrive,” Ms Cousens said.

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“Have you noticed this dehumanising gender-neutral language, and the subversion of a particular gender, only flows one way?

“Why are women the primary target of radical LGBT activists and their dutiful allies like AOC?”

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Ms Cousens pointed out that while there has been a push to use inclusive language when it comes to womanhood through terms such as “people who menstruate”, “pregnant people”, “birthing people” and “chestfeeding”, there has not been a similar push when it comes to men.

“Poor AOC. How predictably disappointing that she’s more than happy to call out cisgender men who allegedly seek to control women’s lives and bodies in Texas but can’t see that in buying into this woke, inclusive way of perceiving gender, she’s enabling another group of men to do the exact same thing,” she said.

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