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Government ‘need to talk’ to ports to prevent supply chain disruption

Seal Media Group, Australia

Ports Australia CEO Mike Gallacher says government “need to talk” to ports, to prevent future disruptions to the supply chain when restrictions and state borders are relaxed.

“We need to be assured that the government understands the criticality of the supply chain,” Mr Gallacher told Sky News host Ross Greenwood.

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“You can only begin to imagine what that panic will be like if the supply chain is broken, because we actually haven’t worked with government to do the planning.

Mr Gallacher said the organisation needed to “know what their plans are going to be” in order to start “planning for it”.

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“We’re prepared and willing, we need the government and the health officials to come to us and start talking to us.

“They need to talk to us, but they need to take us into their confidence.”

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