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[VIDEO] Entire Stadium Jam-Packed With College Football Fans Chant “F Joe Biden”

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When we said the “F Joe Biden” chant was turning into a movement, we weren’t kidding.

It’s done from a few hundred people at several events across the country chanting “F Joe Biden” to literally an entire jam-packed stadium chanting “F Joe Biden.”

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This happened at the University of Alabama, during their football game, and coincides with Joe Biden getting booed and heckled during the 9-11 ceremony

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Liberals are losing their minds over this, and want UofA to put an end to it.

These are the same people who spent 5 years trashing President Trump any way they could…sorry, but turnabout is fair play, libs.

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You can watch the video below:


Americans are angry, and when the media tells lies and spins stories for Joe, and puts out fake polls, people will find other ways to make their voices heard.

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And that’s what you’re seeing happen right now.


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