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People’s Party Confronts Economic Crisis, Greens Shy Away

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Commentary If two people part ways at an obstacle and go far enough, they will be inclined to bump back into each other. Although lacking political clout, the People’s Party and Green Party have firm convictions and more in common than meets the eye, especially in the realms of civil liberties and personal expression. The Greens have resisted the siren song of vaccine passports, for example, and the PPC has vehemently opposed them. In the economic sphere, the Greens are adept at identifying shortcomings, and they focus on outcomes they would like to see, such as housing affordability. The PPC focuses on the policies that would enable such outcomes. In the case of housing, that means reduced immigration, fewer impediments to supply, and tighter monetary policy. This is where the parties diverge sharply, because the Greens have an ideological aversion toward economics. This blind spot proves fatal to their economic …

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