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Tracking The Tropics: Area Of Low Pressure Expected To Become Tropical Depression In Gulf

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There are a few areas to watch in the tropics this Sunday.

Starting with the area of low pressure that is over the Bay of Campeche and western Gulf waters. This area is showing signs of organizing throughout the early hours Sunday and is expected to become a tropical depression later in the day or by Sunday night.

Air Force Hurricane Hunters are investigating throughout Sunday because there is the concern that it can further strengthen if the system remains over the warm waters of the Gulf.

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Regardless of how strong the system can become or not, heavy rain is expected to reach the Texas and Louisiana coasts late Sunday and the threat for flooding rain will remain through mid-week in these areas.

Moving into the Atlantic, where there are several areas to watch and one will be an area of low pressure that is expected to develop this week, so it hasn’t formed yet, to the northeast of the Bahamas.

This area will have at least a medium chance to organize into a tropical depression later in the week and it is possible that it can bring impacts to the mid-Atlantic. Of course, it is too soon to tell what those exact impacts and exact timing will be.

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Next, there is a tropical wave moving near the Cabo Verde Islands on this Sunday, but environmental conditions are becoming less and less favorable for development and so this tropical wave will eventually dissipate as it tracks towards the west over the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

However, a new tropical wave will emerge from Africa’s west coast and into the eastern Atlantic in a few days and will have a better chance to develop into a tropical depression by mid-week while it moves westward across the eastern tropical Atlantic.

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The last area that has a possibility for formation, although it is slim, is a non-tropical low pressure system located in the far northeastern Atlantic Ocean, close by the Azores. The system is forecast to move southward and then eventually inland over Portugal which will end its chances of further development.

Stay tuned to CBS4 and on for the latest on the tropics.

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