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New rail terminal could turn dreams into reality

Seal Media Group, Australia

This project affords the opportunity to elevate the Top End’s image in two ways. The Ghan is a world-class journey, taking passengers on the trip of a lifetime through some of the most unique scenery in the country. It deserves to have an equally spectacular send-off and arrival.The current terminal at East Arm does the job but does not spark a sense of wonder and adventure. First impressions can mean the difference between if the Top End is perceived positively or not and a terminal that matches the grandeur of The Ghan could transform how visitors interact and speak of the NT. There is also, depending on the preferred site, there is scope to integrate a new transit system. It is a dream many consider to be out of reach but here is a chance to grasp it. If Darwin wants to be considered a rival capital city, it needs systems and infrastructure such as this in order to be taken seriously. Imagine being able to say “I’m taking the train into work”. Imagine the numbers of jobs created, new opportunities and cars off the road. Finally there is a chance to make this dream a reality and if the NT ever hopes to progress, this opportunity needs to be explored.

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