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Plans to Cut £20 Universal Credit Uplift Will Go Ahead: Javid

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Plans to reverse the £20 ($28) uplift in Universal Credit will go ahead at the end of the month, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed. The weekly increase was introduced temporarily to help claimants during the coronavirus pandemic. But ministers plan to start phasing out the increase from the end of September, based on individual claimants’ payment dates. And despite opposition, Javid said plans would go ahead. Speaking on “Trevor Phillips On Sunday” on Sky News, the former chancellor said, “The increase, which was temporary, will be ended as planned at the end of this month.” Recipients could lose £1,040 ($1,439) annually if the prime minister goes ahead with the cut. Javid said, “We are going to end the temporary increase in Universal Credit.” SNP members backed a call for the UK government to abandon “cruel and frankly irresponsible” plans. The party’s conference overwhelmingly backed a motion urging government ministers to …

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