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Texas Pro-Life Organization HQ Evacuated Over Bomb Threat and Suspicious Package

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The offices of Texas Right to Life and the buildings surrounding it were evacuated on Friday over a bomb threat and a suspicious package.

The organization issued a statement on Saturday about the threat they received.

“A mysterious package arrived at our Houston headquarters today. The package was delivered right after we received a bomb threat,” the statement began.

The group has been under fire from the left for launching a whistleblower website for people to report illegal abortions in the state. Under Texas’ new ‘heartbeat law’, abortions are illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected — often as early as six weeks.

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The website was taken offline by their hosting service GoDaddy.

However, enforcement will fall upon the citizens, who can now sue anyone who aids or abets a woman getting an illegal procedure. The woman herself cannot be sued.

“Let me assure you: we take the safety and wellbeing of our staff very seriously. We have hired guards, installed additional cameras, and strengthened numerous other security measures,” the statement continued. “This is an expensive and unexpected cost, but a necessary one. We will always prioritize the safety of our heroic life-saving team.”

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The organization continued on to say, “We immediately called the police, and after an x-ray investigation, officers deemed that the contents of the package were not harmful. Praise God. A lot of people are still FURIOUS about the Texas Heartbeat Act. They’re trying to silence us. They despise us for even talking about a life-saving law.”

“Texas Right to Life will never stop working to protect Life. These attacks on our dedicated team prove that we need to work harder to stop the lies of the abortion industry. And that is what we are doing. With security keeping watch over us and with your prayers, we remain happy warriors for the Kingdom and the Pro-Life cause,” the statement continued.

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TRL concluded by asserting that “since the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect, more than 1,000 innocent tiny Texans have been saved. That’s the real story: The Texas Heartbeat Act is working, and anti-Lifers are angry because the Pro-Life movement is winning.”

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