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Ex-UK Marine Who Airlifted Animals out of Kabul Ecstatic as His Staff Escape Afghanistan

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A former British marine who evacuated 163 cats and dogs out of Kabul two weeks ago is exultant after his staff and their families made it across the Afghan land border on Saturday. Paul Farthing, an ex-Marine who goes by the name Pen Farthing, arrived in London from Afghanistan on Aug. 29 with 94 dogs and 69 cats from his shelter on a privately-chartered plane after waging a media battle with the British Ministry of Defence to get his flight cleared. But “Operation Ark” was only a partial success as his staff had to be left behind due to last-minute changes in paperwork rules. In a Facebook live stream on Saturday morning, an elated Farthing announced that all 67 of his staff and family members had successfully made it to the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. “The staff are out!” Farthing announced, after cracking open a can of beer he’d been saving. “We’ve got them …

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