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Mother Jumps On Hood After Carjacker Takes Off With Baby In Vehicle

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A big scare Monday afternoon for a mother who jumped on the hood of her car as it was being stolen with her baby inside.

What would be any parent’s worst nightmare was captured on surveillance video.

A man could be seen stealing the woman’s car, with the baby girl inside, while she was inside the gas station’s convenience store at 1095 W Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

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It happened within seconds.

“He drove off with my child in the car,” she said.

The man had scouted her out, noticing her car was still running. he slowly walks outside and then jumps into the car with the girl inside.

When he drove off, the mother went into survival mode for her child.

She jumped onto the hood, nearly getting hit.

“My baby is in the car,” shouted the woman.

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According to Fort Lauderdale police, a witness followed the vehicle and that’s when the driver eventually bailed just a few blocks away near the corner of 13 Court and 18 Avenue.

Police have still not caught this man.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood says she saw the driver run off.

“I was sitting out here and I saw when the cop pulled up then the boy jumped out. He ran that way and then they told me someone stole the car in the gas station,” she said.

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And while this man remains on the loose, the child has been returned to her mother.

If you have any additional details, call Broward Crime Stoppers at (305) 493-TIPS.

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