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Everybody appearing at Gympie Magistrates Court, Monday, September 13

Seal Media Group, Australia

Today’s court listings are published as part of News Corporation’s commitment to public interest journalism and are compiled from information made publicly available by the courts in each State and territory.
The list is a public record of people appearing before the relevant court and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any wrongdoing by anyone named in these lists.
Joshua Edward Mcdowell
Danni Lee Cummings
Ross Eric Piper
Megan Anne Bramley
Glen James Costin
Allison Judith Butler
Michael Anthony Thompson
Nathan Kyle Lumsden
Yugo Charles Condon
Frederick David Morris
Kyle Anthony Lahiff
Zachary Daniel Schultz
Christopher James Webb
Douglas John Williams
Gary Ivan Wright
Cameron Laurie Brown
Lyndon James Hartwell
Russell Verne Allan
Sheona Elizabeth Abbey
Benjamin Tony Dawe
Steven Cambell Duff
Caleb Ezekiel Rogers
Vincent James Pye
Jade Amanda Smith
Reginald John Marshall
Jimal David Willmot
Kilah Johnelle Jones
Peter Timothy Munn
Noel William Granshaw
Brodie William Matt
Broadie William Matt
Tracylee Ann Jessop
Haydon James Meehan
Leslie John Ogden
Jason Craig Patterson
Annemarie Swan
Steevie-Lee O’Toole
Jeffrey Albert Lang Cranston
Ian Bryon Anderson
Jade Elizabeth Yu Mei Hoon
Robert John Nicholas
Mark Daniel Alexander
Lyle John Kearns
Jessamine Lorraine Warwick
Alex Anthony Henson
Wade Ethan Greer
Emma-Louise Freda Durn
Blake Jaden Tolley

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