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BBC Under Fire Over Woke Privilege Test

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The BBC has come under criticism over a privilege test it offers as part of its diversity training. A former cabinet minister ridiculed the test—dubbed “The Ally Track”—as “either nonsense or worse,” and said the view it preaches does not ring true for the BBC’s audiences. Those who take the test are asked to answer 20 questions about a “player” they create. At the end of the test, it’s revealed where the players are at the race track of life based on the answers provided. If a healthy white male earns a salary that can cover his basic living cost, has university-educated parents who can cover their own bills, has never felt ashamed for or discriminated against because of his religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, is comfortable practicing his religion and express his sexuality in work, has never been the only person of his race in a room at work …

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