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The Most Neglected and Powerful Act of Self-Care

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Many of us are (rightfully) focused on taking care of our health, eating nourishing whole foods, and trying to be active, while meditating, flossing, and taking time to disconnect from devices. These are wonderful acts of self-care, and they are necessary and important. But there’s one act of self-care that is very often neglected, and it might be even more important than all the others: the practice of loving yourself. In fact, this is so often neglected that when I mention “loving yourself,” many people don’t know what that means. Many of us have never consciously done it. If we have, it’s so rare as to be a forgotten memory. But it’s my belief that we should do it throughout the day, like trying to drink 8 glasses of water. We should give ourselves at least 8 doses of loving ourselves every day. What is this “self-love”? Imagine pouring the love …

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