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China Ramps Up Populist Measures in Bid for Economic, Social Stability

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Commentary A flurry of new measures announced by Beijing in early September signals that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is serious about structural changes toward “common prosperity” in a bid to steady a floundering economy and maintain social stability. And ultimately, to stay in power. A large part of this effort is to improve workers’ wages, benefits, and working conditions. On Sept. 2 regulators including the Ministry of Transport summoned 11 ride-hailing and delivery companies to discuss a range of topics as well as requesting that they rectify certain practices the CCP deemed to be inappropriate. The companies interviewed included Didi, Meituan, and an Alibaba ride-sharing subsidiary. Regulators pushed the companies to comply with a range of demands, including rectifying unfair competitive measures such as hiring unqualified or unlicensed drivers, excessive and false marketing, and protecting the rights and interests of passengers and drivers. In addition, Bloomberg reported that Didi …

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