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Russian Court to Consider Transferring Jailed Ex-Marine to US: Lawyers

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MOSCOW—A Russian court plans to consider a request by a former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Russia to be transferred to the United States to serve his sentence there, his lawyers said on Wednesday. Russia convicted Paul Whelan—who holds U.S., British, Canadian, and Irish passports—of spying in June 2020 and sentenced him to 16 years in jail. He denied the charge and said he was set up in a sting operation, and Washington has demanded his release. Lawyers Olga Karlova and Vladimir Zherebenkov told the Interfax news agency that the hearing into Whelan’s potential transfer was set to take place on Sept. 27. Karlova later told TASS news agency the court had postponed the hearing and that the date “will be known in due course.” Whelan—who Russia said was caught with a computer flash drive containing classified information—had said he hoped to be freed as part of a prisoner swap. President …

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