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Rep. Cawthorn: If China Attacks With Microaggressions, US Students Stand a Chance

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Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) speaks about reaching young conservatives. (Photo credit: YouTube/Fox News)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) speaks about reaching young conservatives. (Photo credit: YouTube/Fox News)

The battleground for America’s future is found in our schools. The shortest distance from freedom to tyranny runs through the classroom, and whether they know it or not, our children are on the frontlines.

Progressives do not view the classroom as a learning environment, but rather as an incubator for radical postmodernist and Marxist ideology. They have fundamentally hijacked our classrooms with their polluted worldview, and instituted radical, dangerous concepts cloaked under the guise of social justice, tolerance, and equality. 

Today, instead of being taught to stand for the anthem, to pledge to the flag, defend America, and prepare for their own future in it, students are being taught that America must be fundamentally dismantled and rebuilt. The Left knows that if you want to fundamentally change America, you must fundamentally change the curriculum. Tell the children America was not founded in freedom; it was founded in slavery. Tell them they shouldn’t love America; tell them they should be embarrassed of her. 

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This is not learning, this is brainwashing.

Our schools should be institutions of growth, development, and inspiration for the next generation of Americans. We should be nurturing the future of our country with practical education opportunities, preparing them to lead our nation far into the 21st century with pride and patriotism. But if we were to assess our school system today, it would receive a failing grade. Social justice has replaced core competencies; indoctrination has replaced education. 

It’s time to reclaim our classrooms. It’s time to repair our laboratories of learning. The war on our kids ends now, and reform starts at the local and state level. Here’s how we restore our education system.  

School reform starts with school choice. Your zip code should not dictate your future. Learning and innovation thrive under competitive options. Let’s give power back to the parents to make decisions for their own children. 

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In those schools, let’s institute common-sense, real-world education opportunities like personal finance classes, apprenticeships, civic engagement classes, STEM courses, and virtue classes. Without these key concepts firmly rooted in students, the next generation will graduate woefully unprepared to function in a modern society or defend the American dream. If China attacks the United States with microaggressions and binary pronouns, students in today’s radicalized classrooms can fight back. But I believe if American adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party had lobbyists, they wouldn’t change a single thing about American classrooms today. Our adversaries don’t care if Americans can navigate the social justice minefield. We need a new generation of capable, smart, dedicated Americans ready to defend us in the competitive global arena. 

Lastly, end the progressive assault on our classrooms. Replace radical, Marxist-based lies with applicable real-life skills. Reinstitute critical thinking in place of critical race theory, teach 1776 instead of the 1619 Project, explore personal finance instead of reparations, replace BLM with STEM. End indoctrination and restore learning.

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America’s classrooms have begun replacing foundational American ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with stories of oppression, injustice, and failures. Our students should be planning, dreaming, training, and growing up in an environment that reminds them the American dream is for everyone. The kaleidoscope of learning and brainwashing ends today.

If we do not change course now, instead of America being my children and my grandchildren’s home, it will just be another bolded term on the pages of their history book. I refuse to let that happen. 

Congressman Madison Cawthorn is the Republican representative for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district. He serves on the House Education and Labor Committee.

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