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Bachelorette Tayshia Adams Splits From Fiancé Zac Clark Weeks After Running NYC Marathon Together

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Another Bachelor Nation couple sadly bites the dust.

This time around, it’s Bachelorette alum Tayshia Adams and her fiancé Zac Clark who are “no longer a couple,” according to a report out Monday.

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An insider divulged the details to E! News, surprising the world with news of the split considering the pair had just ran the New York City Marathon together about two weeks ago. But no amount of marathon training or physical activity could keep these two together at this point, evidently disproving the theory stating that the couple that plays together stays together…

There aren’t many details about the breakup itself, other than the same source noting that the 31-year-old Adams — an Orange County, California native — has apparently chosen to stay in New York City full-time. Most likely, we’ll start to hear more little pieces of gossip coming out about the split in the next few days…

Bachelor Nation fans will recall that this isn’t the first time Tayshia and her 37-year-old now-ex-fiancé have hit a rough patch. The pair, who got engaged during the finale of Adams’ season leading the show, which aired in December 2020, had previously been the focus of rumors suggesting there was trouble in paradise.

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In fact, the rumors got so loud a couple months ago that Zac actually addressed them specifically, in the hopes of shutting down all the negative talk:

“Any time you’re in the public eye, there are going to be people that want to start s**t and say things. I think one of the things we’ve done a really good job of as a unit is filter through what’s real and what’s not.”


People wanting to “start s**t” or… issues within the relationship?! Those comments came back in September, of course, but it’s certainly interesting now to think back two months later and see it all blow up.

And unfortunate, for sure!

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BTW, Tayshia turned off the comments on her most recent Instagram post — the pics of her having successfully completed the NYC Marathon. And her last tweet came a week ago, when she shared this cryptic message:

Very interesting, in light of what just happened.

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Fans are having their say regarding the breakup, too.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the reactions on social media outlets are centered on the seemingly-endless wave of Bachelor Nation breakups, and the cynicism fans have towards the show regarding more news like this.

Here are just a few of the tweets in response to the breakup reveal:

“It’s pretty much routine that these Bachelor Nation relationships barely last one year”

“This show is starting to be a money cow for some of the contestants and it’s a waste of time watching the time it airs a breakup is already pending”

“Shocker, these shows are such a joke now – none of the couples last anymore”

“Aw I liked them, but this whole Bachelor formula is falling apart.”

“Can’t help wonder if contestants become too focused on fame and not growing the relationship”

“This show has just become a vehicle for people to get into the spotlight and become influencers, etc. I really liked these, two, though! This was the last season I watched. Just can’t do it anymore.”

“Another bubble love couple has burst and vanished into dust. Tayshia and Zac were never compatible. #TheBachelor / #TheBachelorette stopped being entertaining when social media influencing became a thing and every contestant realized they could use the show for a financial gain.”

“pretty standard… nothing new this show has become a rotating door of disappointment for contestants and viewers”


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Some of those reactions are pretty cynical. But are they wrong?

Obviously, Bachelor fallout issues aside, we wish both Tayshia and Zac the best as they navigate their post-breakup realities and get on with their lives.

But still, every time another Bachelor Nation couple bites the dust, it makes you wonder if the formula is working like it should be… Just saying!

[Image via Tayshia Adams/Instagram]

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