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Fall Shows Us the Beauty of Letting Go

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Fall signals the change from summer to winter. Long summer days finally cool and leaves offer vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds before they fall from the trees. It’s the time when we go from the relaxed, carefree attitudes of summer to the more serious and introspective energies of fall. In the five elements theory of Eastern medicine, fall represents metal. You can think of that in terms of the qualities of this element. It is rigid and refined. This season governs organization, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. In fall, we move from the external expansive nature of summer to the internal contractive energies of autumn. It’s a good idea to finish up any projects you started in spring or summer and enjoy the results of all your hard work. It’s also a good time to begin projects that focus on the internal, cultivating body and mind. Fall, the Lungs and …

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