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Amazing Moment a Huge Right Whale Gives Paddleboarder a Push Caught on Video—and It’s Beautiful

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A drone captured the incredible moment a whale pushed a paddleboarder with its fin. Maximiliano Jonas filmed the amazing footage off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, on Aug. 31. Maximiliano used a drone to capture the encounter between a southern right whale and the paddleboarder, friend Analia Giorgetti, who was sitting down for the interaction. Incredibly, the whale gently pushed the paddleboard forward with one of its fins, in a video that has gone viral online. “This gave me goosebumps, it’s very beautiful,” one social media user commented about the video. “That’s pure magic!” another said. The stunning footage was also shared on Ocean Conservation Research’s Facebook page, garnering nearly 20,000 reactions and an incredible 1.3 million views, to date. “Puerto Madryn acts as the gateway to the Península Valdés, a UNESCO site of global significance for the conservation of marine mammals,” the group shared. “Around 1/3 of the total population …

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