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Chinese Celebrity Companies Shut Down in Droves as CCP Clamps Down on Entertainment Industry

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As the Chinese communist regime continues clamping down on the entertainment industry, hundreds of celebrity-owned studios and companies have recently been closed down. The Chinese regime has been targeting the entertainment industry with stricter inspections for tax evasion. Meanwhile, top Chinese stars, such as Zhao Wei and Zheng Shuang, have been blacklisted by the state-run media and their fan clubs have been quickly closed down. Art studios registered under celebrity names had grown at an amazing rate in the past few years, but this year many of them have filed applications to close down. So far, more than 700 studios have been shut down. In June alone, more than 100 companies applied for dissolution. According to public data, in 2016, the annual registration growth rate of celebrity art studios and companies reached nearly 100 percent, and the number of new companies in 2018 exceeded 3,000. However, as of Sept. 12, …

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