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Most Drivers Want Hard Shoulder Back on UK’s Smart Motorways

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Most drivers want hard shoulders reinstated on smart motorways, a new survey suggests. Some 62 percent of respondents to an RAC poll said controversial All Lane Running (ALR) motorways—which use the emergency stopping lane for live traffic—should be scrapped, but they want the technology that manages traffic flows and detects breakdowns to be retained. Concerns about smart motorways follow several fatal accidents involving stationary vehicles being hit from behind. National Highways insists the roads are at least as safe as traditional motorways. Fewer than one in four (24 percent) of the 2,400 drivers surveyed for the RAC support the continuation of government policy, which is to continue using ALR motorways while increasing the number of Emergency Refuge Areas (ERAs) and boost systems to spot stationary vehicles and catch motorists ignoring closed lane signs. Some 63 percent of motorists do not believe measures such as variable speed limits in response to …

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