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[VIDEO] Viewers Shocked When Local Reporter Acts Like Rude Primadonna Towards Jovial College Football Fans

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A local Georgia reporter has shocked viewers with her nasty/rude and very “primadonna” behavior as she filmed a crowd of college football fans.


The reporter’s name is Lyndsey Gough, and she set up her live broadcast in the midst of a sea of Georgia University Bulldogs fans who were filing out of the stadium after a win.

Obviously, the fans were hyped up and jovial – and probably intoxicated.


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But for some reason this behavior shocked and offended the smug reporter, who got really rude, ordering fans to “respect her space” and not come near her.

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Then, why did you pick that place to do your report, lady?

And to make matters worse, she took to Twitter, where she painted herself as a victim.

That didn’t go over too well…


You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“You can almost SEE the chip on her Shoulder”

“Uhm… no offense, but it’s the camera they’re interested in…. not you, dummy”

“GO DAWGS! Love the EXUBERANCE (can’t stand the “reporter”) No one “touched her”-one guy Bumped into her. She talks about “respect people’s space” yet sets up in a CROWDED CORRIDOR everyone has to move around HER. FAKE NEWS Covers the BIG GAME, can’t see field, BURIED IN her PHONE”

“Get a new job. This one’s not for you.”

“I hate being around rowdy, drunk people. Therefore, I didn’t take a job that requires me being around rowdy, drunk people.”

“Maybe you should get a job as a Zoom reporter!”

“Then work a different beat than a post game stand-up in the middle of a drunken fan stampede. This is like getting your hurricane live shot and complaining about the wind and rain.”

“Lol. Grow up, child.”

“Omg so terrifying you were literally gang raped are you okay?”

“Stands in a river and complains about getting wet.”

“Literally every reporter who has ever filmed at a sports stadium after a big win with drunk people walking out has had this experience”

“the guy at the beginning shouldn’t touch her, but this is what reporting live from a football game is. it’s not because she’s a woman. it’s drunk/hyped fans seeing a tv. women were doing it, too. i did sports reporting before politics and thought it was fun. I loved the energy.”

“Girl get in a different profession”

“Go home and stop covering sports ball then b**ch.”


I feel like this woman would be perfectly suited to work at CNN, don’t you?

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