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Chinese Communist Party Sycophant Seeks to Redefine American Exceptionalism (and Fails)

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Commentary An agitprop article in China’s state-run media continues the relentless ChiCom (Chinese Communist) theme that America is in decline. The Global Times published an article titled, “US is no longer exceptional, but it takes time to accept this fact,” and was written by the longtime China apologist Martin Jacques. He wrote, “9/11, and the 20 years since, are a textbook example of the chronic failure of American governance” in a supposedly unipolar world. This assessment turns the concept of “American exceptionalism” on its head by twisting its meaning beyond recognition. “American exceptionalism” has long been misconstrued—and lied about—by ideological adversaries of the United States who redefine the phrase as braggadocio about America’s accomplishments since the country’s founding. That is not the correct definition! The phrase is distinctly ideological in its origins, with its underlying philosophy centered on freedom and liberty. America was the first country in the history of …

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