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Now They’re Going for McClintock

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Commentary I’ve known Rep. Tom McClintock for 34 years, since I first came out to California to write editorials for the Orange County Register. He started out himself as an editorial writer. Then he was elected to the state Assembly back in 1982. After that, a stint in the state Senate until he was term-limited. Then, he was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2008. Democrats are eager to kick him out of office as part of keeping control of the House. The Sacramento Bee profiled a just-announced opponent, Dr. Kermit Jones, who said he wants to end “career politicians.” “I think what sets me apart is real life experience, having served people in multiple ways, and being able to bring tangible things to people,” he said. “When people want people to advocate for them, sometimes they want people that are actually on the ground as opposed to part of …

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