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The Afghanistan Disaster Through Young Eyes

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Commentary As a Generation Z journalist, I’m one of the few in the industry who can’t remember 9/11. Therefore, my perspective on the Afghanistan disaster differs from most voices in the media. Though I’m too young to recall the attack on the World Trade Center, I have felt its impact. Like any other American, I’ve lived with its legacies, from airport security to suspicion and division. Perhaps most profound of all: the sense that the security of America—and our cushy lives here—are not, in fact, guaranteed. I grew up in the tristate area, so 9/11 hit close to home, both literally and figuratively. I know families who lost their loved ones. My own mother, even, worked in the World Trade Center a few years before the attack. And, living in New York today, the tower’s glaring absence is there whenever I look southward. Certainly, then, the justification for war in …

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