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The Biden Effect: Illegal Crossers Top 200,000 for 2nd Straight Month – NOW OVER 1.3 MILLION For The Year; Encounters Have Increased 317% Over Last August

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The number of illegal border crossers that were encountered on the southern border has officially topped 200,000 for the second straight month. We have now had a whopping total of 1,322,657 over the first 8 months of the year.

After a record breaking 212,000 illegal aliens tallied in July, Border Patrol agents recorded another 208,887 encounters in August. Almost half – 49% – of the encounters were single adult males, who were, once again, the largest demographic in the group.

The data was obtained by Fox News through an exclusive source at DHS because the monthly federal report – typically available within a week-plus from the start of the month – has not been updated as of yet.

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The new numbers for August represent a massive 317% increase over the same time last year when Trump was in charge of securing the border.

Now thanks to Biden’s open border policy and free lodging for his imported voters, it’s a free-for-all.

After the Supreme Court had mandated Biden enforce Trump’s extremely successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, the administration began to expel some single adults and migrant families, but refuses to enforce the policy on unaccompanied minors or families with young children.

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Just 44% of the illegal encounters from August were sent back to await a hearing, according to the DHS source.


August’s total of 208,887 represents just a fraction of the true number of illegal aliens that are able to slip through undetected. Now in the vast majority of cases, the ones who are traveling to avoid detection are criminal smugglers – everyone else can walk up to a border agent and turn themself in at a port of entry.

Trump’s wall had a profound effect on cutting off illicit drug runners from having access to their routes, so it sure doesn’t help that large sections of the wall have been removed and left wide open along known drug highways.

EXCLUSIVE: Large Sections of the Border Wall Have Been REMOVED and Left WIDE OPEN Along Heavily Trafficked Drug Route in Southern Arizona


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Countless numbers slip through without ever being seen. Who knows how many really make it in?

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