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Californians Literally Dodge a Bullet on DA Bill—For Now

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Commentary At the last minute, a horrible, pro-crime bill was recently put on inactive status by its co-author, state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton). Assembly Bill 759 was introduced by Newman and Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-West Sacramento). It earlier had passed the full Assembly and three Senate committees. It would have moved the elections for county district attorney, sheriff, and assessor from the years governors are elected, such as 2022, to the presidential election years, such as 2024. Current incumbents would receive extended six-year terms, lasting until 2024 instead of to 2022. McCarty explained the rationale: “AB 759 increases political participation in countywide elections that have the most impact on daily lives of California residents. This bill is not an attempt to attack the system—it will ensure that the greatest number of voters weigh in on these positions, which is good for representative democracy.” The opposition was led by district attorneys …

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