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[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Makes Quite the “Freudian Slip” When Trying to Say The Word “Pandemic” 

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Jen Psaki probably wishes she could get this slip-up back because it was a doozy.

As you know, many Americans remain very suspicious of the COVID pandemic.

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And not everyone is a “kook” about it, either. I think by now most people realize that yes, COVID is a real virus.

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I have had it twice – and no, I didn’t have just a “cold” or a “flu.” It was definitely something very different.

But, do I think the virus has been politicized and used in nefarious ways?


Don’t even get me started on the Died WITH and Died FROM COVID numbers – those tell the real tale about this “pandemic.”


A lot of things don’t “add up,” and saying that doesn’t make you a tinfoil-hat kook.

And because of a lot of the strange things that have gone on, the flip-flops, and anti-science stuff, many people have started calling COVID a “PLANdemic” instead of a PANdemic – signifying the notion that our politicians and shadowy unelected officials have been cooking up the virus hysteria behind closed doors.

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So, you can imagine the eyebrows that were raised when Jen Psaki slipped up and called it by that very name.


You can watch the video below:


Jen will never live that one down, and now even more people will avoid taking the vaccine.

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