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Court Rules Florida School Textbook Committee Violated Florida Sunshine Laws

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In Collier County, Florida, a citizens group and three parents challenged the process used by the school board to adopt textbooks they believe contain Critical Race Theory. On Friday, a court ruled that the process was in violation of Florida Sunshine Laws. “The Sunshine Law applies to the Textbook Committees, and the failure to give reasonable notice to the public of their meetings resulted in violations of the Sunshine Law,” reads the conclusion by the Second District Court of Appeal of Florida. “Further, the School Board did not cure the violations. Therefore, as to the dismissal of count one, we reverse the final judgment and remand to the trial court. We otherwise affirm the final judgment as to the dismissal with prejudice of the remaining counts.” “We filed the original lawsuit on May 31, 2017,” Keith Flaugh, founder of Florida Citizens Alliance (FCA) told The Epoch Times. “The lawsuit covered …

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