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[VIDEO] Listen to Crowd’s Reaction When Guy Runs Out on Football Field Waving “Trump Flag” in Oregon

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There’s a movement happening in this country.


It’s a revival of sorts – many people are lashing out at failure Joe Biden, and waving flags and shouting chants for President Trump.

And it’s happening in “middle America.”

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We see it everywhere – college football crowds chanting “F**K BIDEN” and random people standing up in restaurants asking “who actually voted for Joe??”

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Middle America is tired of this sham, and they’re acting out in all sorts of ways.

That’s the beauty of a real movement…you can’t snuff it out or end it simply by replacing the old guy with someone new.


And nowhere was that more evident than at a small high school football game in Silverton, Oregon.

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During this high school game, a random man ran out on the field waving a Trump flag, and the crowd went wild.

You can watch the video below:

It’s these little things, happening all over the country, that add up.

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They are like little flickers of light, that when put together make a bonfire.

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