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Epoch TV Review: What Every American Needs to Understand About Our Enemies

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Commentary The latest episode of “Real Talk with Wayne Dupree” entitled “Our Enemies Hate Us” addresses the recent events in Afghanistan and the motives behind the Taliban regime. Dupree stresses something all Americans need to understand, which is that some people in this world hate the United States and everything this great nation stands for. The bombings in Kabul are tragic, and the worst part is not only that American lives were lost, but that it didn’t have to be this way. Terrorist organizations hate America and will do anything to destroy the West. At best, America’s so-called leaders are not accepting this reality. At worst, they are participating in it. In the episode, Dupree shows clips from a CNN reporter interviewing an ISIS-K commander in Afghanistan. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the Taliban released thousands of ISIS-K fighters from prison shortly after coming to power. The ISIS-K commander explained that …

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